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The topic of flooring for your work area probably doesn’t often cross your mind and why would it? Floors are floors, aren’t they? They are there to be walked upon, have things spilt on, dropped on, driven all over and

If you live in Australia then you may have seen the idea of custom homes on the TV from time to time, whereby a client wants a bespoke home built on an area of land that they choose, or knocking

Swimming pools are a fun and healthy way to enjoy yourself at home. Your neighbours will be wishing that they had one too. But people who do not own pools may not realize that they are not only expensive to

As the aged population of the UK increases year on year, many people are increasingly looking for products that can sustain and improve quality of life and these include mobility aids of all descriptions. These mobility aids come in all

Getting around the house doesn’t seem like a big deal for those of us who don’t have mobility problems. But there is a large number of people that struggle moving around from place to place, even in their own home.